The boys were members of Morenci PTO soccer. They played their hearts out. Andrew was the runner, Alexander was a great goaly, and Tanner was all over the field just trying to keep up with the ball with his short little legs. But no matter the out come of the game they were so excited they got to play. Even at practice, they gave 100%, just as if it was a real game.

All 3 boys loved camping with the family where ever it maybe. Their favorite place was Harrison Lake because it was so close that all the family would join the camping and all the cousins to enjoy swimming, fishing biking and games!

Soccer_All_boysThey all loved school, Andrew had perfect attendance since he started kindergarden. Alex was a friend to all and didn't understand why some people had no friends, so he was their friend! Tanner was the social king, talked to everyone about everything. Some days the teacher thought so too so he would have to be warned. Every day after school they would go to grandpa and grandma Zuvers' house and would play games, eat snacks, play with the dogs do homework or help grandpa and grandma with chores.

They all loved animals, riding horses, being outside, would ride bikes all day everyday if they could, riding 4-wheelers, swimming, they were always playing with the neighbor kids.

They thought it was the best when they could make pb&j sandwiches by themselves, they would have lived off them if mom would have let them just because they could do it on their own.

When their sisters visited or just drove by they would get their attention and ask "Hey do you got any gum?" and smile!!

They liked spaghetti tacos(saw it on a show so mom made it for them), tacos-Tanner would pile on a mountain of cheese, pizza, popcicles, pbj, Mcdonalds. Their sisters think they could smell Mcdonalds miles away. If the pop wasn't out of reach they were sure to be in it, no matter what kind it was. They loved to have their morning shakes with mom before school, they thought it was the best.