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Tanner is by far the story teller of the boys! He has the greatest imagination. He can tell the most far out stories or tell something that really has happened. He will get you to believe it and then tell you no, it really didn't happen and laugh. The best was when he made papa Don think his teacher taught him to do some kind of dance. We all believed him, and then out of the blue he said, "No grandpa I was just pulling your leg!"

Tanner doesn't like tomatoes – will not eat anything if there are tomatoes in it or around it, including ketchup. He is the baby of the family and it shows. The lover, cuddly one, and he gets jealous fast. Big sister will go sit on mom's lap and tell her; "Awwww I love you mommy! She says it loud enough for Tanner to hear and he will come running and try to get right up on mom's lap too or make sissy get up.

Tanner really looks up to all his siblings. He doesn't want to be left behind, so he always tries to keep up and do what everyone else is doing. He doesn't really like to share; ha! ha! He likes to play games, especially Uno Moo. His sister it for him for his birthday and after he losing one time; he started cheating and thought we didn't see him. After that he has always tried to cheat at any game until he wins, but he usually gets caught!
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